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Stacey Payne
Owner and Trainer

Stacey has over 30 years of experience as an Animal Behaviorist and dog trainer. She is a member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers, American Kennel Club Evaluator, and Evaluator for Therapy Pets Unlimited.

She is a Trainer that specializes in Therapy and Service dogs. 

When you meet Stacey you will instantly see and feel the passion and love she has for these dogs.
 "A well trained dog, is a HAPPY DOG".

Her goal is to teach both Human and Canine understanding of one another, building the bond and ensuring a lifetime companionship. 

Sharon Penny
Trainer and Manager

Positive Paws is exactly what it says "POSITIVE". Before  coming to work here, my dogs were trained by another organization that called themselves Positive trainers. They were trained with pronged collars, not knowing any better and thinking it was ok. After coming to positive paws and learning what real positive and FORCE-FREE training is all about, I started feeling really bad about my dogs experience and understood why they were feeling fearful and stressed, After just a few months of POSITIVE Training with my dogs, using FORCE-FREE techniques, my dogs are now happier, healthier, and a lot less fearful.
Nothing negative is taught here, allowing a safe environment for your dog. Your K-9 is OUR K-9 here at Positive Paws.

Sharon is an approved Evaluator for the American Kennel Club C.G.C and Puppy All Star Program and T.P.U (Therapy Pets Unlimited) Sharon is also a member of the Association of Dog Trainers.

Heather Law

Christy Brooks
Daycare Manager

Rachel Bradley


Sam Bohlmann

Small Dog Paw Handler

Alison Bing-Wo


Jenna Baldwin

Master Aidan Daniel Penny

Pee-Wee Dog Trainer Extraordinaire

This is from Aidan himself;

*Why do you like the dogs? Aidan..., Because I love Dogs.

* What do you like to train them to do?...Aidan.... I like to take Branco (German Shepherd)  outside and teach him to sit.. I also like Branco to pick up the ball and bring it to me..

* What is your favorite thing about Doggie Daycare? Aidan.... Because we have so many dogs and I LOVE THEM ALL...

* What do you want to be when you grow up? Aidan..... A vet, so I can rescue them and put them in the office and take care of them and fix them up with my tools!!!