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Working all day and you don't want to leave your Canine friend at home all alone? 

Positive Paws has the answer!

Enroll them in our Doggie Daycare where He or She can spend the day with other Canine friends getting exercise and socialization. 

Missing your Canine Friend? No worries! At anytime during the day log into our Doggie Cam and view your dog in action for yourself.

Dogs left home alone during the day may experience separation anxiety or display undesirable behavioral issues such as chewing and excessive barking. These can occur when a dog lacks sufficient exercise and socialization. Doggie daycare is your answer! 

Drop your dog off at Positive Paws and they'll spend the day socializing with other dogs, interacting with our well-trained staff and burning off energy. At the end of the day, you'll pick-up a happy and delightfully tired pup.

Some dogs visit every day, others just a couple of times a month. Every dog is unique and we're happy to discuss the best play schedule to suit your dog's needs, as well as your busy schedule, budget and life-style.

We offer both indoor and outdoor play areas. Offering our Canines several potty breaks throughout the day so he or she will NOT regress in their potty behaviors.

Your dogs can watch Dog T.V and interact with our staff, while playing games. Activities include:

Bubbles, agility, pools, etc.

To keep your dogs cool on some of our hot days, our facility has an out door misting system, cooling the area and your pet as he or she enjoys some outdoor fun.

Thinking about some extra training? Sign your furry friend up for either half hour or hour sessions, where our trainers will work one on one with your pup to ensure good behavior for your specific training needs.

Our team evaluates all dogs prior to attending doggie daycare to ensure the safety and comfort of all guests.

All Dogs must be current on all vaccinations to include Kennel cough. (copy of vaccinations must be presented to staff). 

Hours of operation are:

Monday through Friday from: 7Am - 6pm

Daily Rate:

Whole day rate- $30.00

Half day rate- $ 20.00

Monthly Rate:

(20 consecutive days)



30 Minutes: $35.00

1 Hour: $70.00

With Daycare staff

With head trainer:

1/2 Hour: $50.00

1 Hour: $100.00

Special Training:

Potty Training

Dog not potty trained? No problem! We will potty train your dog while they are here!

Potty Training Package:

$80.00 Per Day

$400.00 Per Week